Business Continuity

A business continuity plan enables a business to continue operations after catastrophic system failures. When unforeseen circumstances cause outages of IT capabilities, the impacts are often felt for weeks, and sometimes for the life of the business. QeH2 offers multiple levels of business continuity solutions to meet any organization’s recovery time objectives.

A business continuity plan maps out how an organization will continue operations in spite of an interruption to business operations or natural or man-made disasters. Many IT service providers use the terms Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. At QeH2 we believe understanding the difference is important in the process of contingency planning.


Disaster Recovery planning provides a process to recover a company’s IT environment to an operable state as quickly as possible following a disaster of any kind. A Business Continuity Plan, on the other hand, provides a process and solution for enabling the business to continue IT operations in spite of a disaster. These plans are not mutually exclusive and some companies may choose to have both plans developed and in place. QeH2 can help your company develop an appropriate plan for your business. Our experts are available to provide initial consultation covering your questions, concerns, and the solutions we offer. Contact us today to find out why we’re a trusted name in business continuity planning.

Do I need a Business Continuity or a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Many organizations are so busy with day-to-day operations that real business continuity planning is an afterthought, if it’s been considered at all. Business continuity planning proactively addresses unforeseen interruptions that could compromise or halt business operations. Does your business have this plan in place? Your Business Continuity Plan may contain much more than information regarding an IT service interruption, although that should be part of it. QeH2 has the expertise to assist your business in developing the IT portion of this plan. Give us a call and let us help you get started.


Hardware and software are vulnerable to malfunctions, natural disasters, employee errors, and any number of malicious activities that could cause catastrophic data loss or system failure. Whatever the cause of a disaster, no organization can afford to be caught without a Disaster Recovery Plan. Statistics show that a full 50% of small and medium-sized businesses never return to business after a real disaster strikes them. Those that do return to business are those companies that have a plan in place. A disaster can strike at any time. How lucky do you feel? Do you want to be a statistic or a part of those businesses that can quickly return to business?

Partnering with QeH2 on the creation and maintenance of a Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity plan is the first step in making certain operations continue no matter what happens – now or in the future. QeH2 provides solutions that provide both Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services. We analyze your network to ensure that all the proper systems are in place to protect your data, and plan for recovery and continuity should disaster strike. QeH2 will make sure your organization has sound backups in place, the right restoration process, and a contingency plan. Should something disruptive occur without a proper plan fully implemented, QeH2 will immediately respond with disaster recovery services. We ensure that your company is fully protected from computer and network failures, natural disasters, and any potentially disruptive scenario that might cause network downtime or destruction.


The benefits of a QeH2 partnership include other important differentiators as well. QeH2 implementation is a cost-effective solution. Your custom IT solutions are backed up with 24/7 customer service that keeps your system running smoothly and within budget. Our cloud services can help reduce the liability that existing physical systems represent. We also extend life for existing solutions by providing new capabilities that increase the useful life of a solution, helping you receive greater returns than if the solution was replaced sooner. Our technology experts have cross-industry expertise so that you have access to a pool of technical and domain specialists capable of providing the right solution for your unique business needs.


While it may be a near certainty that your business operations will experience a serious disruption at some point, bringing QeH2 onboard is the smart way to head off foreseeable threats and make sure you are in a position to continue business as usual when the unexpected occurs. QeH2 has enterprise-ready data center facilities which ensure business application continuity and consistent data availability as well as cyber security solutions created for your individual continuity and security needs. Superior performance backed up with solid service level agreements (SLAs) is the standard all our clientele expect, and QeH2 delivers.