CIO Services

QeH2’s CIO services are designed to help organizations capture increased revenue, greater efficiency, and ensure compliance through the implementation and operation of appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT).

A skillful CIO will exemplify business strategy and leadership, driving both short and long-term goals while identifying and mitigating IT and ICT risk to the organization. A diversified and experienced perspective is essential when making strategic business decisions. Technology is a key component for continued operation and forward movement. Organizations must remain relevant by leveraging the appropriate technology. Managing and planning for ata Redundancy, Security Infrastructure, and Business Continuity demand deliberate strategy. A synergistic IT Infrastructure ensures information is guarded and available, delivering a consistent and healthy ROI.


Our adept QeH2 CIO team understands everything in the organization is interdependent through technology and strategizes in ways that embrace inevitable change by treating the organization itself as a system. If you reflect on your organization as it is today, can you identify anyone who is that intimate with every moving part?


QeH2 CIO services bridge the gap where most organizations are not in a position to employ a full-time head of technology and information systems member. For those who do our CIO team supplements current efforts with additional insight and resources. No matter the current state of technology leadership in an organization, QeH2 is confident our CIO services will help encourage momentum and result in solid, tangible benefits.

What are CIO Services?

QeH2’s CIO (Chief Information Officer) services are included in our Plasma Proactive services, or on-demand on an hourly basis. Depending on the need, a highly-qualified individual or QeH2 team will serve executive decision makers with both strategic and tactical information and communication technology objectives.


Our goal is always to improve revenue and operational efficiency through valuable insight gained in supporting the growth of many large and small organizations, each unique in their own way. Whether an organization has an existing CIO, or no technology department at all, QeH2 can help put together executive-level action items that make an actual difference in business operations. We take a team approach, we work with you, winning together!

Partnering with QeH2 CIO Services makes the skills and experience of our CIO team immediately accessible minus the payroll burden and uncertainty of hiring a long-term executive position. Two heads are better than one and a team surpasses two every time. Our team has the experience to accurately guide any size organization with any variety of needs and we approach this service as a high-level collaboration. We hold the expertise to engage your organization in strategic planning that will assess the current state of the technology environment, design action items and execute with a precision that we humbly believe is next to impossible for an internal department to replicate. QeH2 can evaluate the architectural framework behind business systems to seize on opportunities and make forward-looking proposals. When it’s time to consider refreshing technology assets, we’re prepared to discuss the right move with the right timing. Our team can even manage annual IT budget planning within the constraints set by the organization to take the stress off your shoulders, buying you additional time to complete mission-critical tasks.


Our CIO service offering takes care of the minutia as well:

Asset Management: when do warranties expire? What should be replaced and when, why? E Training: Do staff require cyber awareness training? How often? What technologies do they need training in that will improve productivity? When it comes to technology where are their stress points, how can we alleviate those? Customized Solutions: When a one-off problem is encountered that needs a technology-driven solution, QeH2 will step up and propose solutions and carry those through to product development if needed. We’ve yet to encounter a CIO service our experts couldn’t readily handle, and we get as excited as our clients when those successes start translating into bottom-line margins.