Cloud Services

QeH2 offers complete cloud computing services with all of the features you need to increase productivity and profitability.  Cloud systems are more environmentally friendly, cheaper to maintain and support, and accessible from any device anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about solutions in the technology universe today. The benefits are enticing and the features are often beyond what an organization is capable of hosting internally.


Is moving to the cloud right for your business? QeH2 believes the answer is almost always “yes” because no matter the industry or size of the company, cloud computing quickly produces results for efficiency and the bottom line. When you’re in the cloud, operations are completely scalable. It’s less expensive than maintaining onsite assets, and the cloud is more secure than any onsite option on the market. The cloud is fast too, and by opening up secure access to your data and applications from anywhere there’s internet, it’s nothing short of a productivity miracle.


Moving to the cloud is easy, and results in immediate savings. The time saved alone is priceless, but an organization can also expect to save each year on total operational costs, and there’s no expensive equipment to purchase on the front end. In fact, there’s no equipment to buy at all – ever again. Everything you need to get set up comes free with the contract.

What is Complete Cloud?

The easiest way to think of complete cloud service is to imagine moving all computing and data storage functions from your in-house IT environment into a shared IT system. All the organization’s applications and services are accessed via the Web instead of your local computing infrastructure, and you can use whatever device you prefer to get to it all.


QeH2 offers a unique subscription model which is charged on a monthly basis. All hardware, software, and support is included in the subscription, as well as Microsoft Operating system and Office software upgrades. You no longer need to worry about staying up-to-date with the newest operating systems, server licenses or security tools. QeH2 takes sole responsibility for all maintenance and upkeep of your system and network.

Complete cloud services are not just on-line data storage. QeH2 provides a thoroughly engineered virtualized workspace that is accessible from anywhere. Our new clients often confide that they have attempted to tackle their IT needs with internal staff or used a combination of in-house and outsourced support. A common result is the regular surfacing of systems issues, followed by the purchase of new hardware or software solutions. Even when technology is working as expected, we often find organizations lack critical backup or industry-standard firewall protection. The inevitable result is that systems deteriorate and fail, or a small fortune is spent on upkeep. Neither scenario is good for business, and systems security or continuity failures can bring operations to a complete standstill with devastating consequences.


QeH2 can help you get rid of all these IT nightmares by moving your computing operations to cloud computing. Seriously, it’s that simple. Once we have a handle on your current operations, future needs, and long-term goals, we’ll have you up and running with absolutely no capital investment in new equipment. Staff will be enabled overnight to access their desktop from any location on any capable device, and since everyone is on the same platform it’s easy to provide proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support. When the time comes to hire new employees, your cloud computing system is ready to scale up at a moment’s notice. Ease of scalability applies to operational expansion, client growth, and just about any other expanding demands on your technology.


Reliability is not a luxury in the competitive environment businesses operate in today. The complete cloud solution keeps you moving with data backups spanning multiple data centers. At a fraction of the energy demand of traditional PCs and servers, it’s a solution you can feel good about too.


If you’re ready to consider a whole new option to managing and maintaining your costly IT environment, then it’s time to consider the benefits of cloud computing. QeH2’s complete cloud gives you every advantage you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT environments. Don’t spend another dollar on subpar support and services, hardware costs, and recurring licensing fees. Contact QeH2 today to find out how cloud computing can increase profits by cutting down costs and ramping up productivity.