IT Consulting

QeH2 offers IT consulting from a business intelligence standpoint. Our consulting is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help organizational executives, managers, and end users make more informed business decisions.

Our high-level IT consulting services are a perfect solution for organizations that require enterprise tools and features and appreciate hands-on consulting. QeH2’s Plasma Proactive support package provides end-to-end technology and CIO services, creating a single centralized repository of data that allows non-technical employees to easily join large data sets from multiple sources.


The package includes consulting that an organization would be hard-pressed to match through any other service or individual executive hire. Our team works with organizational leadership to develop and document a strategic IT vision that directs alignment of all IT decisions with strategic business goals. We review performance against these goals on a semi-annual basis to ensure delivery within budget constraints and risk tolerance levels, and we’ll develop an annual asset refresh plan to facilitate proactive replacement of technology resources.


The benefits of partnering with QeH2 for IT consulting extend well beyond the aforementioned, and we encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss how these services can enhance your business operations and accelerate achievement of efficiency and profitability objectives.

Plasma Proactive

QeH2 offers the Plasma Proactive plan as a combination of our essential managed support services and CIO-level outcome-based consulting. When an organization needs the peace of mind that comes with round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of critical systems, and the business intelligence that our experts provide in forward-looking, comprehensive technology advisement, there is no better option in the industry than Plasma Proactive.


Consider the value proposition in a plan that fills every IT support need and accounts for an executive-level position and associated salary. The Plasma Proactive service is the last technology solution your organization will ever need.

Expect exceptional value when you partner with QeH2 for all your consultation needs. Our outcome-based approach to improving the speed and consistency with which your organization functions truly sets our service apart. We dig deep to find lost efficiency by conducting annual architectural assessments to gauge your technology environment and discrete components against industry best practices. Business continuity is established up front and disaster recovery plans put in place to make sure operational capacity is maintained, no matter what hits your system. At the end of the day, our team has the knowledge and experience to drive business performance through technology, and our efforts are always driven by your specific business goals.


QeH2 consulting solutions specifically help overcome numerous organizational challenges. Our experts will collaborate with key organization stakeholders to develop a solution-oriented strategy that includes immediate and future technology needs. We believe one of the pillars of growth at any organization is your IT network. The customized plan QeH2 produces through close consultation will address unique organizational needs, and ultimately map the implementation of a scalable IT network that includes the right tools for communication, collaboration, and information sharing. For organizations that are governed by state or federal regulations, QeH2 knows how to manage your data needs specific to compliance requirements.


Our Plasma Proactive service includes remote monitoring and maintenance of critical systems, including your network, servers, and workstations. Standard reporting features will help demonstrate how QeH2 is protecting your assets, and regular patch management will protect your network from outside threats. Our 24/7 helpdesk is always an email or phone call away, and with one hour response time you will never wait long for an issue to be resolved. Stabilization is often part of our strategic planning and execution, and of course, the icing on the cake is the inclusion of CIO services. You define the needs and the goals, QeH2 will make it happen. Get ready to revitalize the way you work.