Managed Services

Comprehensive managed services is what put QeH2 on the map, and we’re confident you’ll understand why when you give us a call to consult on the status of your technology environment. We provide the highest quality service at the most reasonable price point in the industry.

Determining when it’s time to call in the experts to manage your IT infrastructure is difficult. When things are working, managed support seems like a luxury that is competing with compelling budget item priorities. Consider a few questions as you think about your need for managed services: What would you do today if your hardware or software fails to work as intended? What are your plans if a power outage or natural disaster wiped out data stores? Do you know what IT configuration will best support the software and computing devices that you’re targeting for purchase?


QeH2 is not the kind of support firm that proposes excessive support to clients against their own financial interests. Our services always start with a collaborative exploration of your needs to figure out just the right level of support, at just the right cost. Contact one of our experts today to discuss your current needs, where you’d like to be long-term, and we’ll gladly provide an industry-best consultation for free.

Comprehensive Managed Services and Support

The best infrastructure strategies include everything from creating a custom network, securing your data, and facility management. When QeH2 is managing your IT services, you can count on a comprehensive plan that includes backup and support capabilities across all the dimensions of your technology environment.


Our comprehensive IT solutions cover every aspect of professional and managed services – all delivered through a dedicated IP transit network. QeH2 enables the capabilities and access necessary to maintain a highly reliable network, and we do it while protecting your systems through state-of-the-art security features.

Managed services are primarily designed for network monitoring and maintenance, ensuring that networks are in tip-top shape and preventative maintenance is performed regularly. QeH2 will setup your network to be monitored remotely, reducing the visits our technicians need to pay to your organization. At the first sign of trouble or failure, our service provider team is notified immediately. Often our experts simply fix the problem from afar, completely preventing network downtime. Sometimes the fix is not so simple, and we’ll work directly with you on the best path forward considering both your technology environment and business needs.


If your business network needs to be up and performing around the clock, the managed services provided by QeH2 are essential to monitor and respond to issues. Remote IT service provisions are a cost-effective solution, allowing completion of most maintenance and problem solving to occur offsite. Managed services are also an appealing option because rather than spreading the time and energy of an in-house technician thinly across your entire organization, the collective expertise of the QeH2 team is deeply engaged and at your immediate disposal. This allows us to focus our efforts on the outcome, we are interested in identifying repetitive issues and leveraging our resources to prevent them. We call this our Outcome Based Service Model.


Expertise is a critical distinction of our services, and it shouldn’t be overlooked when considering how to keep servers and network in tip-top shape and running efficiently. From software patches and updates to keeping current on security trends and threats, a managed service option is the best option to ensure the reliability and security of your network. Our people are our most prized investment. It’s human passion and intelligence that makes the difference. QeH2 stays on top of all your preventive maintenance requirements and all the developments that impact organizational network and IT needs.QeH2 Tiered Managed Services options are flexible to fit your specific needs.