The QeH2 Approach

QeH2 takes a unique approach to supporting the IT needs of our clients. Our services are delivered with special attention to our value as a strategic business partner. Experience and expertise are essential components of any IT firm, but QeH2 is a leading service provider because our unsurpassed ability is complimented by principle-driven performance.

Our blended support services are consistently of the highest quality because everything we do is guided by philosophical frameworks rooted in business best practice. Our operations, training, job execution, and client interactions are all completed with our guiding principles at the forefront. Purposeful dedication defines our approach to accomplishing every goal that a client depends on us to achieve.


We measure our performance against the highest standards of effectiveness, and disciplined execution defines all aspects of QeH2’s day to day activities, processes, and procedures. Partnering with an outcome-based provider means that service is driven by specific objectives, which are managed and prioritized by the client. Work starts and finishes when objectives are established and completed, allowing QeH2 to efficiently deliver results.


We believe that central management of objectives provides more efficient execution and a clearer workflow. Part of the success QeH2 has in turning businesses around through technology support is a clear focus on prioritizing work through a collaborative process with each client.

Our Rationale

Our approach to the client relationship emphasizes working on a top-down process that seeks to first clearly define business goals, and then develop a plan to systematically achieve those goals. Every business has a different vision, set of assets and capabilities, and list of needs when it comes to information technology use. We get it, and the team at QeH2 is ready to step in and help get your organization realize its full potential.


QeH2 strives to maintain high operational standards, which pay dividends in the resulting level of service. Our capacity to assign highly-qualified specialists to work on specifics tasks, is the fruit of many years of development investment. Service is no longer hourly based but TASK based (Objective based) by defining clear performance objectives and meeting those expectations.

One of the foundation elements of any successful businesses today is a strong and reliable IT infrastructure. QeH2 is a support provider that can help any business secure data, strengthen infrastructure, ensure continuity, and through our unique expertise, provide assistance planning and implementing a future-looking technology strategy.


Our core technical services include network, workstation, and server monitoring to keep critical systems in good health. We evaluate the need for software patches and implement those patches as needed. Anti-virus protection, help desk support, and critical application monitoring are also available. Other services include forward movement projects and optimization and maximization tasks.