Our Process

The QeH2 process is summed up in one word: RESULTS. We deliver results quickly and efficiently for our clients, according to exacting specifications.

Every new client process starts with discovery. We call this discovery process our Onboarding Process.  Onboarding with QeH2 establishes mutual trust and confidence by introducing QeH2 operational processes while at the same time getting to know our clients’ business and vision through our CIO Services.  Onboarding also contains our Stabilization Process.  Our Stabilization Process consists of collecting specific technical data about our clients’ environment while also completing a collection of tasks that allow the clients’ systems to operate optimally.


Our CIO team works to understand the vision that our clients have for the future. QeH2 is more than a team of technicians; our process puts achieving potential efficiencies at the forefront so that organizations realize long-term benefits of our service.


Let’s define success together by letting us show you how our varied services can help your organization reach new heights.

Rooted in Principle

QeH2 is foundationally based on the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and the “4DX / 4 Disciplines of Execution” by Franklin/Covey. We take our principle-centered approach to what we do very seriously, and it shows in the outcomes we help organizations achieve.


Reach out today for a consultation we’ll start outlining the specific steps QeH2 can enable your organization to take to resolve outstanding issues, and more importantly, build a better future. We are the information technology experts that speak your language.

Onboarding with QeH2 is all about establishing mutual trust and confidence. During this phase, a dedicated Onboarding Manager (OM) assists with your transition to the service delivery team. Our service delivery team will review commitments agreed upon during our initial conversations and make sure communication plans are in place. We like to be clear on the primary point(s) of contact (POC) between QeH2 and your organization and communication expectations because we know it’s essential to our success.


Our scheduling phase includes an initial discovery with the OM and documentation of your technology environment. We’ll get to know your environment thoroughly before we jump in.


Initial discovery is also the first step of our stabilization process. Stabilization refers to a collection of tasks that allow systems to operate with optimal performance in accordance with industry best-practices. At the client’s discretion, QeH2 can perform the stabilization of your environment as a one-time event or will perform it incrementally during your regularly scheduled onsite visits. Once complete, a post-stabilization meeting is scheduled to review findings and plan for future onsite and/or CIO Services.The insight gained through this discovery is captured in technical documentation, a network diagram, and description of of critical areas for improvement. During this phase, QeH2 emphasizes ongoing communication to review expectations and ensure onboarding success.


Service support is a combination of onsite service and offsite support. QeH2 distributes dedicated onsite support on a scheduled and consistent basis to ensure adequate communication and hands on support for clients. Offsite support includes the client support help desk, 24×7 monitoring of IT environments, as well as CIO services. Our onsite service is performed on a weekly basis.


When an organization partners with QeH2, our immediate priorities are getting to know the business goals, understanding the current state of the technology environment, and determining how we can immediately help to improve the latter so that the organization can achieve the former, and ultimately push toward even greater future goals.