Information Security has become a critical area of business risk and vulnerability. The management of this risk and the remediation of these vulnerabilities needs to be of primary concern to the business owners and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The team at QeH2 are leading industry experts in securing technology and data assets. Our proven industry best-practices will keep your information safe and might also help you sleep a little better at night.

Cyber threats abound in an increasingly interconnected world and organizations face hazards from multiple angles. Rapid recognition and response are essential. QeH2 employs proven methods to effectively head off evolving security threats and our experienced team of experts has the experience necessary to identify existing system weaknesses and implement long-term solutions.


QeH2 can bridge your security gaps through our managed services approach, or as an a la carte service. QeH2 can function as an extension of your security team, or help you establish security protocols where none currently exist.

Cloud Security

Many organizations are shifting their data to the cloud, and QeH2 can facilitate your organization’s efforts to capture all the benefits the cloud has to offer. This trend has forced a rethink of data security, making cloud security articulation a top CIO imperative.


As you consider storage of systems and data in cloud servers, or if your organization is already there and needs to make sure assets are secure, reach out to our experts for an initial consultation and experience QeH2’s client-centric approach to advanced security management.

QeH2 is ready to perform a security assessment of any size organization to identify the current security posture of information systems. Our assessment includes recommendations for improvement toward a security goal that mitigates risk or complies with one or more information security standards. We’ve helped clients with highly sensitive data – and can help organizations meet compliance demands in complex regulatory environments. QeH2 focuses on helping our clients develop a layered defense against information security vulnerabilities. These layers of defense include training of the users as the last and most effective line of defense. QeH2 can develop solutions to your specific security needs and instill confidence that you are protected.


Many security risks are unintentionally overlooked because they involve common activities, or perhaps because organizations are just not sure what can be done. Attacks via USB drives, for example, became more common as these types of drives were popularized. Common threats today include obsolete software that introduces holes in security layers, malicious email attachments, and loss or theft of company technology assets.  If you thought these were just necessary evils, we strongly encourage you to reach out to QeH2 and find out what industry-leading solutions we can help your organization adopt.


The kinds of security vulnerabilities that often make the news are related to phishing campaigns resulting in hackers gaining access to critical and protected data. Alarmingly, attacks via social media are becoming increasingly prevalent, as are viruses designed to steal or delete personal information

Similar in nature to threats from social media attacks are “click jacking” and cross-site scripting. Criminals will use fake web pages to trick users into giving away passwords, account numbers, etc. Setting up these pages is fairly easy, and even if your organization is not being imitated, an unwary employee connecting to a fake site or providing sensitive information could create a serious vulnerability for your organization. Other attempts to access this kind of information come in the form of phishing attacks from “trusted” third parties. These attacks are often in the form of an email, from banks or other well-known companies or even from an associate or friend. These attacks will usually involve clicking on a link or downloading a file that opens the door to all nature of computer threats.


Cloud computing concerns are on the rise as more data is distributed around the Internet in cloud servers. Opportunities for data infection or theft are growing in relation to cloud computing popularity. QeH2 is careful to design cloud computing solutions that are secure and will prevent, to the extent possible, data from that site becoming vulnerable. Attacks on mobile devices and wireless networks are another emerging threat that needs to be considered. The Internet of Things is a fast-growing area of technology and provides unprecedented opportunities for cyber criminals. Phones and mobile devices can be specifically targeted and criminals will also try to exploit mobile banking apps and similar programs.


Selecting the right security strategy for your organization is no easy task. Businesses have many options. We believe that every business, of any size, can make significant improvements in their Information Security preparedness with proper CIO and security guidance and often without large monetary investments. Connect with us today to find out why we’re a trusted leader in securing data and systems.