Who We Are

World-Class MSP Services

QeH2 approaches managed services from an industry best practice perspective. Our strength as a partner is largely defined by our emphasis on building trusted relationships with the business executives. We incorporate critical thinking principles as we work to identify opportunities, define results-oriented solutions, and map best-practices into operational implementations.


When QeH2 is brought on as a partner in the pursuit of operational excellence, we perform a high level analysis to ensure our collaboration uncovers the most significant system opportunities and threats. We believe this philosophy is essential to developing the most productive long-term solutions.


Our focused internal training programs teach the value of deep business probing allowing our solutions to produce “big picture” results for our clients. Our critical approach and investment in staff development pays tangible dividends in the world-class service we deliver. QeH2 is not a team of stereotypical IT technicians offering patchwork fixes. FIRE is our mission statement at QeH2. Focused, Intelligent, Revolutionary, and Empowerment is what FIRE means to us and what we strive to implement for our clients.


The QeH2 business model is focused on the needs of your organization above all else. Our approach to technology and your suppliers keeps our attention on the best fit for your needs rather than just the pursuit of hardware and software sales.


We focus on providing solutions that create value for your business and deliver services that exceed your expectations. By focusing on the true needs of your business, we can help you increase your profits in a way that creates a win-win all the way around.


QeH2 provides the most intelligent IT solutions in the industry. Our team has the expertise necessary to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge solutions and proven best-practices into the technology infrastructure of any size business. The approach we take to technology solutions is informed by the specific needs of each client organization, and our strategy is built backward from the desired needs. Every solution we propose has the best interest of the business in mind, and we’re never driven by artificial sales quotas.


QeH2 designs solutions to fit the precise needs of our client organizations, and we consistently endeavor to exceed all expectations. Intelligent solutions should help businesses thrive by driving revenue and profit growth, and that is exactly what QeH2 strives to accomplish for every client. We support businesses of all sizes, from startups to Inc. 100 listed companies, and our solutions work because each is intentionally matched to a specific business need, and aligned with client-specific outcomes.


We earned our reputation as a disruptor in the sector. Our revolutionary approach to providing support services is changing the way the IT industry works. Typically, IT vendors approach each company from the ground-up. What this means is they have a pre-conceived notion about how they might fit you into their solution model. They are actively seeking to self-impose their “box” solution.


Wait, are you telling me QeH2 does not have products and solutions they recommend? Absolutely we do…however…opposed to others, our primary focus is Strategic. This means we seek first to understand you, your staff, your business model and your corporate goals. We want to engage you with our top-down approach (a Strategic business method).


Hiring any MSP should empower clients by removing the technical obstacles to achieving greater business efficiency. A partnership with QeH2 provides so much more. Eliminating issues as part of our services is just the tip of the iceberg. QeH2 helps businesses flourish by engaging with high-level goals, understanding the strategic direction of the business and related systems needs, and providing the resources and support necessary to make it all happen. We believe empowerment is more than just implementing the quick fixes that appear on the surface; QeH2 works to give clients the tools they need to do more, better, faster.


We know every business is unique, and that’s precisely why we make a point to understand our client objectives and collaborate on overall strategy. We won’t rest until our efforts have empowered the business to harness its technology, directing the power of existing IT assets to accomplishing vital business goals.

Our goal is always to improve revenue and operational efficiency through valuable insight gained in supporting the growth of many large and small organizations, each unique in their own way. Whether an organization has an existing CIO, or no technology department at all, QeH2 can help put together executive-level action items that make an actual difference in business operations. We take a team approach, we work with you, winning together!