Comprehensive IT Support

QeH2 provides comprehensive options to meet specific organizational IT support demands. Our remote monitoring helps keep critical systems healthy and functioning, while our support and CIO services are designed to capture operational efficiencies, provide leadership in the preparation and execution of business goals, and mitigate IT risks to the business.


We routinely manage traditional IT services for clients, but our ability to support the technology infrastructure of any small to medium-sized business is without bounds.


Our team of experts is prepared to support more than just systems functionality. QeH2 offers operability and performance management, training, backup solution management, and forward movement task execution to help our client organizations prosper. We also offer a wide variety of Chief Information Officer and Information Security services.

Managed Services for Any Size Business

Our tiered service offerings are the perfect solution for businesses that need predictability and demand deliverables. QeH2 can perform critical system checkups to make sure networks, servers, and workstations are functioning at optimal levels. Standard reporting is always complimentary.


Companies that need more than regular monitoring can take advantage of active support features like patching of servers and workstations and guaranteed response time. QeH2 also offers application monitoring, 24/7 help desk support, onsite services, and CIO-level advisement on strategic planning, architectural assessments, IT budget planning, security and compliance, disaster recovery, and solution or product development.


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Security Solutions

QeH2 is a trusted provider of security solutions. We can apply our managed services approach to bridging organizational security gaps using proven methods to recognize and respond to potential threats. Our backup and business continuity solutions are second to none. QeH2 can help an organization implement industry best-practice stabilization standards too, ensuring uptime and optimal operations of servers, workstations, and firewalls.


Many security risks are unintentionally overlooked because they involve common activities, or on the flip side, complexities that may seem insurmountable. QeH2 will identify the current security posture of information systems for your organization to make recommendations that will help mitigate risk and comply with one or more information security standards. We have experience with highly sensitive data and meeting compliance demands in complex regulatory environments. QeH2 can develop solutions to your specific security needs and instill confidence that you are protected.  Talk to a QeH2 team member today and find out what industry-leading solutions we can help your organization adopt.


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Proactive IT Leadership

We know the impact IT support has on overall business operations. QeH2 provides proactive leadership at every level of service, a quality that clients can quantify. Our expertise has made a measurable difference for individual businesses, large and small, in a wide range of industry sectors. The approach we take with every client leaves a distinctly positive impression because we’re not a typical support provider. QeH2 is a proactive partner in the pursuit of business excellence and success.


We recognize that our commitment must be backed by action. Our CIO services were developed to operationalize our belief that strategic IT leadership is key to overall business success. Every company needs a technology thought leader. A differentiator to using QeH2 is receiving this CIO expertise in combination with our unrivaled managed service provisions.


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